Sunshine Glass

The glass particles are coated and smoothed all sides. Even if the top coating is worn away, the underlying color on all the facets reflects through the clear glass matrix, much like a mirror. The glass helps filter out UV rays, adding to the longevity of color. Our product is durable against intense weathering conditions (sun and snow).

Glass aggregate is smooth & safe—it has no sharp edges and is okay to drive or walk on barefoot! 😃🦶🏽
Color-coated glass can be applied to concrete, asphalt, used for walkways, road markings, landscaping projects & more!
    • 100% Recycled Glass
    • Environmentally Friendly Water Based Coating
    • Pigments with high color fastness ratings for long lasting UV Protection
  Sold by the ton.


We deliver to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, & Vermont

- Delivery in 48 hours or less
- Blind Deliverables are available
- D.O.T. Certified